Bryant is a self made Entrepreneur that started a mobile food vending service and turned it into the fastest growing and most successful food truck company in the state of Montana. Starting out with one little Hot Dog cart, he grew it into 4 mobile units in only 4 years. He found the secrets to become a successful food truck establishment and has been growing his business every year.

Bryant's food truck business "Covered Wagon Hotdogs" is thriving because of all the little details he put thought into making his trucks the best. He turned a $7,000 investment into a six figure business. Now coming onto a decade of experience in the food truck world, Bryant is ready to help others create and build a mobile food business for themselves so you can live the life you want and make the money you desire.

What Bryant loves the most about his business is the classy professionalism it maintains. He runs his business for 8 months of the year and the other 4 months he travels the world as an Expedition Leader.

Bryant's Monto: "Set yourself up for success."

‚Äč"I love working hard during the food truck season and having the opportunity to chase the rivers around the world during the off season. I have the best of both worlds of work and play. Its all because of how I run my business when its time to make money that gives me the opportunity to travel for 4 months."

Professionals in the Seasonal Life Style

An interview with your course leader Bryant about the lifestyle that his food vending business gave him.